Empowerment through volunteering

We help refugees and immigrants find volunteer positions, in order to empower them and give them more opportunities to participate in society. In our consultations, we connect volunteers with social organizations that focus on the potential of our MITmacher volunteers. We support both sides to ensure a positive experience for both.

Help others? Learn German? Meet new people?

At MITmacher, volunteering means: doing something good while learning German; having fun while collecting work experience; meeting people while learning more about other cultures; using your skills while learning new ones; doing something for the greater good while finding a feeling of belonging.

© Miguel Ferraz

Everyone can help!

Volunteering is for everyone: Anybody can help, regardless of visa status, nationality, ethnic background, religion, political views, or gender! We help you find a volunteer position that fits you! For example, you can visit the elderly, play with kids, or help in a cafe.


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